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UX Funnel Optimization

UX funnel optimization based on user journey and behavior to drive business outcomes

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To achieve the company's OKR, the main parts of the website that must be continuously optimized are acquisition, activation, conversion, usage, and revenue growth. My role as a UX designer improves user experience to achieve company goals by reducing user friction and enhancing self-serve experience.

To demonstrate my UX funnel 
optimization skill, I selected two projects
1) Signup to install funnel optimization
2) GNB improvement

Overview & My Contribution

Key Deliverables

Sign-up/in flow optimization

Sign-up to install flow optimization

GNB Optimization

My Contributions

Optimize UX flow and frictions based on business objective, usability test, and data analysis


Test, verify, and iterate to achieve website goal via setting hypothesis

Projects management 


Sign up funnel optimization

​- Adopt social sign up to optimize the signup/sign-in convenience

- Achieve over 80% conversion ratio

Signup to install optimization

Increased installation by 20%

Increased page traffic 

Individual plan, 187%; Team plan, 53%; Enterprise plan, 12%

Holistic Approach

My strategic process to execute projects from discovery, definition, design, and iteration

Discovery - Research & Analysis

Strategic Discovery

Business requests

Consumer audit

Content audit

Competitive analysis

Third party research

UX & Creative Discovery

UX & creative audit
Best practice content audit

Technical Discovery

Technical information gathering
Technical audit

Website data review

SEO Audit


Discovery - Ideation & Recommendation


Finding user pain-points. UX & technical frictions, time-constraint tasks

Features & functional prioritization, requirements and specification

Design & Development

UX & Creative
Production & QA

Retrospective & Iteration

Data tracking, data analysis

KPI analysis, usability test

1. Signup to Install Funnel Optimization

Optimize the signup funnel in every aspect—user experience, technology, and acquisition. Find the best solution to remove any frictions in the signup process and increase successful signup numbers.

Signup to Install (1).png

1-1. Signup Funnel Optimization


Jan, 2021

1. Why is this project important?

The company OKR is to increase the number of new user signups. After the renewal, new user signups from the website grew, but the signup success rate declined. To acquire more new user signups, increasing the signup success rate is a prerequisite. Hence, the website must optimize the current signup experience without signup churn and failure.

2. Problem Discovery 

  • GA shows signup completion rate is decreasing

  • The email verification step occurs with high signup failure 

  • There is a massive increase in low-intent users negatively impacting email click-to-open rates (other factors affecting email performance)

  • The survey step increases the bounce rate

  • The current signup step is too long for new users (5 steps)

  • There is no clear identified button for login/signup on the main page.

Signup Funnel (Before) (4).png
[Before] Signup Funnel Optimization (1).png

3. Possible Solutions

  • Reduce the signup process from 5 steps to 2 steps.

  • Add the social signup feature (Apple and Google) to simplify the signup.
    - One-click signup completion without typing personal information.

  • Remove the email verification and survey steps. 

  • Email verification is required when customers try to subscribe to a plan.

  • Use the same modal format for a quick revision.


Increase the signup conversion ratio of each step by 80% by removing UX friction

[After] Signup Funnel Optimization.png

4. Result & Evaluation

  • Accomplished over 90% signup conversion rate
    after launching the social signup and removing the email verification process.

  • The new signup process was updated on January 26th, 2020

Signup Funnel (After) (9).png

1-2. Iteration
Signup to Install 


Feb 2021 ~ Mar 2021

1. Why Is This Project Important?

After the improvement of the signup process, the signup success rate increased, but the use of products decreased. Therefore, the website must change its goal from "new user acquisition" to "signup to install."

To achieve a new goal, I hypothesized a new UX funnel with a focus on downloads.


  • An increase in the number of downloads leads to an rise in ProtoPie studio usage, which in turn increases the revenue.

  • Users will download more if the website has a download entrance on the main page.

Group 180910.png

* Hypothesis of tactics for coping with decrease of download

2. Problem Discovery 

1) Decrease ProtoPie Studio download rate

  • Despite the success of the signup funnel optimization on January 26, 2020,
    the number of ProtoPie studio downloads significantly decreased

2) Decrease the individual plan subscription rate​ too

3) Not intuitive download entrances and page 

  • Hard to find the entrance from the homepage to the download page.

  • The characteristic of the download page is not clear

Install to Use (Before) (3).png

Explanation of the graph

  1. (Blue) Since January, the number of unused ProtoPIe Studio has been increasing rapidly.

  2. (Red) ProtoPie studio usage has been decreasing since the first day of subscription.

3. Solutions

Redesign download focused UX flow

A. Add a download button on GNB

  • Quick access to the download page

B. Reinforce the download page

  • Redesigned the download page to focus on the download purpose

  • Revise the hero section

    • Delete the signup CTA 

    • Show the download items directly first 

  • Copy the revision on the ProtoPie Studio and player section

Down 1 (1).png
Down 2 (1).png

4. Results & Validate the hypothesis

  • Increased download and installation rate by 20%

  • Increased usage of ProtoPie studio by 11.8%

  • Learning: Number of use is also vital as number of installs. 

  • Next phase test goal: Focus on launching the studio than on the download

Install to Use (After) (4).png

2. GNB Improvement

Remove friction information exploration for self serve digital experience in GNB

Frame 889 (1).png


Apr 2021~ May 2021

1. Why Is This Project Important?

​After the renewal, it is necessary to enhance the website self-serve experience to increase the conversion rate and lead generation. GNB improvement was conducted to offer better experience to increase the conversion rate, visiting time and find information more easily. I hypothesized about the benefits of improving GNB.


  • If GNB provides a second-depth entrance, users will be able to find pages and information quickly.

  • Providing more entrances in GNB will increase the number of page views.

  • If the number of pages related to revenue increases, the purchase and lead generation numbers will also increase.

Group 180912.png

2. Problem Discovery 

  • Hard to find sub-depth pages dut to GNB only has first depth 

  • There is no entrance to the enterprise plan page in GNB, which affects B2B lead generation.

  • Navigation scalability problem
    - Difficulty in providing information when adding a new page

Frame 1259.png

3. First Unmoderated Usability Test (April 2021)


Define the current pain points that users face while doing specific tasks in the website.

A total of 8 users worldwide

  • 4 non-users who have prototyping experience

  • 4 current users, regardless of their prototyping proficiency

1st UT.png

5. Solution 

  • Show the second menu on the current first depth GNB

  • Show categories that can help to increase revenue


  • Increase visit duration 

  • Reduce bounce rate

  • Create a helpful user experience

  • Users will be more responsive to call-to-actions

  • Improve conversions on your website


  • PV of each GNB page

  • # of plans subscription rate 

  • # of clicks subscription CTA

  • # of B2B lead inquiries

New GNB.png

6. Prototyping & 2nd Usability Test

Second unmoderated usability test with hi-fi prototyping (April 2021)

> See the new GNB hi-fi prototype for the test

A total of 8 users worldwide

  • 4 non-users who have prototyping experience

  • 4 current users regardless of their prototyping proficiency


  • Get user feedback about the prototype of the new GNB

  • Validate navigation improvement results.

2nd UT.png

Final Deliverable & Result

After releasing the new GNB with the second depth, I tracked the data change. The website needs enough time to collect and analyze data, but I've found meaningful results from GA. The number of page traffic associated with revenue has increased. The result is as follows:


Individual Plan



Team Plan



EnterPrise Plan 


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