Design Thinking Workshops

This is a collection of design thinking workshops I had directed and facilitated. The workshops aimed social impact focusing on collaboration, and community building with co-creation, team building, brainstorm, and rapid prototype.

Community Design Project

The goal of the project is to innovate future tourism of a rural community, Gochang, Korea. I served as the chief artistic director for planning and leading design thinking workshop to investigating community assets and residents' needs. 

  • Location: Gilmajae Myth, Gochung, Seoul, South Korea​​​​​​​

  • Date: Apr 20, 2009

  • Event Name: Investigating current and future assets of the village, Gochang, Korea

  • Type of Event: Design thinking workshop via card sort and mapping

  • Number of participants: 21 residents, 10 researchers

  • Space: Community service center, Gochang, Korea

  • Stakeholders: Project for Public Space(PPS), Design Locus, Contents design Lab at Koomin University, Gochang Community center

Design Thinking Workshop

I served as a guest lecturer and workshop instructor for facilitating a communication design workshop with 80 university students from 8 universities around Deagu and Kyeonguk area. All students gathered in different universities to participate in this incubator program. At the beginning of the program, each student did not know each other well. My role was to increase the effectiveness of students' future team projects through team building workshops.

  • Location: Daekyung Venture Start-up Growth Foundation, Deagu, Korea.

  • Date: Mar 14, 2014

  • Type of Event: Design Thinking workshop via team building, brainstorming and co-creation

  • Number of participants: 80 university students from 8 universities 

  • Stakeholders: Deagu Kyeonguk University Start-Up, TK College Business Incubator, Purplecoin.

Communication Design Workshop

I served as a workshop facilitator for a communication design workshop with 14 colleagues of the InsightClass team. This workshop was designed for team building. Coworkers used to have little chance to understand each other. Through this workshop, each colleague had time to get to know each other better. Creative storytelling guided each participants in an easy and new way to express themselves.

  • Location: Insightclass, Seoul, Korea

  • Date: Jun 27, 2013

  • Type of Event: Communication workshop via team building, brainstorming and rapid prototyping

  • Number of participants: 14 colleagues 

  • Stakeholders: Insightclass, Purplecoin.